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How Does SwitchURLs Work?

Automatic Protection For Ad Clicks.

  1. 1
    Setup a Campaign

    Define the primary destination URL (Shopify/WooCommerce) and up-to 10 fallback destinations (Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter..)

  2. 2
    Product Page Uptime Monitor

    Add the SwitchURL to your ad buying platform.
    SwitchURLs will constantly monitor the livelihood of your destination URLs.

  3. 3
    Automatic Product Page Switcher

    When your default campaign destination fails to load (or simply too slow) SwitchURLs will automatically re-route your traffic to the next best fallback destination.

Active downtime Mitigation

Product Pages Are Unavailable More Than You Think

Unfortunately, product pages tend to break or go down more often than we would like to admit. With SwitchURLs - you will never loose a sale if your product page is unavailable.

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Cloud Outage Mitigation

In June, 2019 Google Cloud experienced an outage for several hours that affected many sites including Shopify and all of its stores..
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Missing Content Mitigation

More often than not, a web-server will be live and responding properly but the product page is corrupted and not rendering..
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Load Speed Mitigation

Product pages don't need to be down or broken to leave users with a poor experience. Sometimes simply loading slowly..
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Campaign URLs That Work For You

Automatic Product Page Switching

Before delivering a click SwitchURLs checks the livelihood of your campaign primary destination URL ( AKA your product page).

If your primary campaign destination URL fails, SwitchURLs will automatically redirect your traffic to the next destination URL in your fallback queue (aka your SwitchURL) for the following 5 minutes and recheck the primary campaign destination URL after those 5 minutes are over. Once your primary destination URL is live, we will switch the traffic back to it.

We will send you an email notification immediately (yes in real time!) when your campaign destinations URLs are switched!

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Real Time Analytics + Bot (crawler) Detection

Validate the quality of the traffic you are buying with our robust analytics.
Explore your audience makeup by country, browsers, operating systems and most importantly if the traffic was a bot/crawler or legitimate real user!

Use this valuable information to mitigate any discrepancies with your traffic provider & Make sure the clicks you buy are exactly what you wanted!

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Branded Domains + Dynamic Parameter Pass through

Add a DNS record to use your own domain. Any UTM or dynamic parameter you would like to pass-through to the landing page destination will be preserved so that you can capture that valuable information in your own attribution software.
Other than that - no coding required. Seriously..even your grandma's can do this!

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