Slow Loading Pages Kill Conversions – Here’s How You Can Guarantee The Best User Experience

Landing pages don’t need to be down or broken to leave users with a poor experience. Sometimes simply loading slowly. In a time grabbing the attention of an average user must happen within the first 1.7 seconds of the integration – its no wonder that conversion rates are directly correlated to a websites loading speed.

What this means is that the slower your page loads, the lower your conversion rate will be. There are many popular things you can do to optimize your page load speed such as:

  1. Upgrade your server to get more computing power
  2. Implement a cacheing technology
  3. Optimize your website code to run faster
  4. Minify images and CSS code
  5. Add your website to a CDN for acceleration and local file serving
  6. And finally – add load balancing and autoscaling groups

With that in mind – even if you do all of these things together there is no guarantee that these actions can truly combat a momentous spike in traffic or compensate for poor internet connection over which your user is accessing your site.

There is one more thing you can do though, automatically route your traffic to fast landing pages. You see – with SwitchURLs – one of the most important tests we run on your landing pages is webpage load speed. If we identify that your website is loading slowly (that is slower than 3 seconds) we consider that page overloaded or faulty and thus re-route traffic to your next fallback. Doing so ensures that traffic passing through your switchURL campaign link will always land on fast loading pages and thus, your conversion will increase.

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