Protect Your Ad Campaigns From Website & Cloud Outages

In June Google Cloud experienced an outage for several hours that affected many sites including Shopify and all of its stores. As a result tens of thousands of advertisers had to either pause media campaigns, update them in real time or just let them run (acknowledging loosing money) hoping the outage will be solved quickly.

This kind of problem happens a lot – not only because of cloud failures but can happen by a website upgrade, plugin conflicts, pixel errors, theme incompatibility, payment processing issues and more.

SwitchURLs offers advertisers a campaign uptime monitor that constantly validates the livelihood of the advertiser’s landing page. If the platform detects that the landing page has been unresponsive for at least 3 consecutive seconds the platform will automatically re-route the paid traffic to the next best fallback URL. In the case of the Google cloud Shopify sellers – it could have been their Amazon listing or social media page.

For agencies using SwitchURLs this would mean “insuring” the adspend and making sure they are always spending their clients money responsibly.

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