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SwitchURLs ensures clicks you purchase through online advertising always land on a live landing page.

When you create a campaign on SwitchURLs you will get a custom redirect link. That link will route your traffic through our multi-cloud servers to their destination.

IF your landing page destination is NOT responsive THEN your traffic will be routed to the next best “fallback” (aka SwitchURL) so that your traffic will always reach a live website.

For example:

Some eCommerce sellers tend to have multiple selling channels. Let’s assume you run your own web shop + sell your products on Amazon. You are hosting your website on a popular cloud such as Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean or Amazon Web Service and your website is okay for most of the time.

From time to time, your web host experiences and outage and all of a sudden your website fails to load. All of your paid campaigns are still running and costing you $1,000’s each day. That’s where SwitchURL’s can help you!

SwitchURLs will ensure your paid traffic will always land on a live page. So in the example above – Once your website fails to load – all of you traffic will be re-routed to the next best landing page – your Amazon store.

While your Amazon store might not be the optimal solution for all of your customers – loosing all of that traffic would be devastating and cause you to literally throw money away.

SwitchURLs are fast and easy to create.

Our multi-cloud setup ensures that the SwitchURLs service will never experience and outage and provide you with the traffic security you are looking for.

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