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How do I add my custom (sub)domain?

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Starting November 18th, 2019 – SwitchURLs now supports the use of your own custom domain (or sub domain) to serve as the redirect domain for your campaigns. This is especially useful specifically in cases where advertising platforms might restrict the redirect URL to be serving from within the primary destination domain.

In order to add your domain follow the following steps:

1.Go through the Add Domain form within the “My Domains” page. Add the domain or sub-domain you wish to use on SwitchURLs
2. Add a DNS record within your domain registrar (or wherever you manage the DNS for that domain). The DNS record should be a CNAME pointing to
3. Validate the domain is pointing properly on My Domains – You will see Active under the status column for domains that are ready to use.

When you setup a new campaign you will be able to choose which domain to use with it.

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